The price of pangasius increases, and the owner has no goods to sell

Lack of fingerlings
"In the face of rising prices of pangasius, many households want to rebuild ponds to feed, but no fish to release," - said Truong Dinh Hoe paradox.
Due to insufficient supply of fingerlings, the output of catfish in the Mekong Delta (Mekong Delta) is currently in short supply compared to processing and exporting demand of enterprises. In the past, businesses were not clear whether they were localized or lacking. However, before the situation of raw fish from Lunar New Year has increased, the prolonged shortage, proving that raw materials are tragic shortage.
Meanwhile, at present, the weather in the Mekong Delta provinces are erratic. During the last two months, rain and temperature difference between day and night affected nursing of fry. "It is expected that fingerlings will be more than a month late, instead of new breeds in April and May, which must fall in May and June. Next month, "said Truong Dinh Hoe.
Pangasius material to supply to the factory as early as February next year, for fish weighing 1.3 kg or more also have to wait for the whole year. An expert in the field of aquaculture said.
This has caused the export price of pangasius is constantly increasing. In the Asian market, since February 2017, the price of pangasius has averaged $ 2.7 / kg is expected to increase in April, expected at $ 2.8-3 / kg. The Chinese market is affected by the avian influenza, the demand for imported catfish material will continue to increase.
Maintaining raw materials to wait for the European market to warm
Information on the reason EU market is reducing imports of pangasius, Truong Dinh Hoe said that the EU reduced imports of pangasius from many countries, not only Vietnam. Cause of reduced imports partly due to economic difficulties, the euro rate fell against the dollar. If the previous one euro "eat: $ 1.6, now reduced to $ 1.2. Meanwhile, our export price of pangasius in USD, due to shortage of supply, export prices pushed up, the EU reduced the number of purchases to wait for economic stability. "The EU is still a potential catfish market for our country," said Truong Dinh Hoe.
Therefore, Vietnam still has to constantly improve the quality of products, maintain a stable source of goods so that when the market needs, we have right products to supply, because, according to agricultural experts, pangasius It will be the heaviest deficit in 2017 for import markets.